Sunday, May 6, 2007

Beryl & Lyn's 70th Birthday Bash

Hi all we set off to the Royal Hotel in Ferntree Gully for Beryl and Lyn's 70th birthday party. It was a really good night were both family's came together to celebrate the occasion.
After Dinner we went for a drink in the pub next door and beryl was having a ball dancing with everyone.
After the pub we went back to Donna and Alan's place for a quite drink. It was like walking into a arcade, Alan had pinball machines every where the kids all had a ball.
Anyway i big happy birthday to Beryl and Lyn.

I have attached some photo's of the night.


Jeanette said...

A Belated Happy birthday Beryl and Lynne, great photo's of all the families
Looks like a great night and Berlyl looks like she had a drink or 3. hahaha....

LittleJen said...

Happy 70th Birthday to Beryl & Lyn,
Everyone enjoyed themself's.. I find it hard to believe that they were kicking up a storm on the dance floor...LOLOL