Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It has been a While

Hi all i now it has been a far while since last post. All is busy from my end. My diet is going well lost 10kg's in total which i am very happy with.

We headed off camping over the queens birthday weekend up to the Pines. Weather could not of been any better Short and T-Shirts Lol....

Well thats about all from my end i will try to blog a little more attached are some pic's from Queens Birthday Weekend.

All the Bikes Parked Up Againts the Tree

The Boys

Look at that a Mans Kitchen :-)

What water id left of Lake Eildon

Snow on the Mountains


LittleJen said...

thats great 10Kg, keep up the great work.. talk 2 u soon

Jeanette said...

Hi Marc,nice to see a new post, I recognised some of those boys, Wow 10 ks keep the good work up.

Jeanette said...

Where the update

Anonymous said...

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