Thursday, April 12, 2007

D Day has Come

Tonight was my first step to start loosing some weight and regain my fitness. First trip to the gym tonight with my personal trainer, boy i tell ya i really need to work on my fitness i am stuffed :-).
I will be training 3 nights a week with my trainer and walking every other night.
I will be changing my eating habits and cutting back on drinking. (I Don't think i can give it away in full maybe a little LOL.).
I have set my self a goal to loose minimum 15-20kg's in 4 months. So fingers crossed i can achieve my goal. I am hoping the smoking will also stop in the next couple of weeks.
I am to embarrassed to tell my weight but will keep you informed when the kilo's start dropping.
Anyways just thought i would share that with you all.

Cheers All


Jim said...

I visited via's Jeanette's blog mention. You have a good looking blog.
Good luck on the weight loss program. I could use one too.

bmonte said...

hey marc, page looks good.
i think i might have to make a page for myself. but then all the chicks will be clogging up the system and will stuff everyone else up. HAHA yeah right...

LittleJen said...

Good luck Marc, I will be joining you on Monday.. yikes!!!!

p.s. which gym did u join

Jeanette said...

Hi Marc, Good luck with the weight loss. Comeon be strong give those smokes away.

Raggedy said...

Welcome to blogland!
Good luck with your goals.
You can do it!
I am here via Jan.
Pleased to meet you.
Have a wonderful day!

Gazza said...

anybody who's height is 12 feet 3" has to be at least 250 Kilo's plus

Tell krispy... Sex is recommended to lose heaps of weight...

Go Tigers!